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Default Re: Values Added: The Vision Thing (Michael B. Dougherty & Daniel Strauss)

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
I'm open to the possibility that Ahmadinejad was just engaging in political rhetoric. My point was that even the friendliest interpretation carries with it an intent to see Israel gone, regardless of the means used to achieve that purpose. Unless you meant that Ahmadinejad wants a peaceful one-state, integrated Palestine?
Intent is an important concept, as opposed to a passive prediction or wish, and yes Ahmadinejad could easily welcome a peaceful one-state solution. Putting the issue of whether this new one state would, by numbers alone, be Muslim rather than Jewish, he has said before he will support the will of the Palestinian people.

Don't forget Ahmadinejad is publicly a democratic, maybe illegitimately elected to head an undemocratic system, but a democrat nonetheless and of a nation that contains a sizable Jewish population. You are unlikely to hear any such statements in the US affirming this or repeating his support for a public referendum (except maybe when Paul gets screen time) but you will hear the 'map mantra' repeated again and again.

These debates once again remind me just how radical and dangerous the GOP are to the rest of the world.
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