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Default Re: Whitewashing The Civil War

Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
I did not jokingly butcher his name. I sincerely butchered his name and also his religion because I know very little about him as a player and figured the context of the joke was obvious enough that it could rely only on his last name being Mohammed to make the point.

I would love to see an NFL star player be openly and brazenly honest about being an atheist. Declaring that every victory was enabled by his certainty that God doesn't exist. Maybe wear a big gold "A" around his neck. And do interviews confessing that his bigger goal is to get others to see the truth. I would love to see how the press and society would react to that.
I think they exist. the fact that not a ton leap to mind immediately proves your point to an extent; they aren't terribly outspoken about it. there was a DE for the eagles during the 90's and early 00's named Hugh Douglas who was a pretty good player, and I'm pretty sure was an open atheist.
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