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Default Re: Non-Obsolete Edition (Matt Welch & Ann Althouse)

Reason Magazine (my years-long coverage at the link) does indeed have some influence through things like Instapundit and others linking to videos like HotAir also links to their videos. They're basically hooked into the whole Kochtopus and they also played a major role in ending RonPaul's presidential campaign (the tool in that case was Dave Weigel ).

As for Althouse, she's gone down hill and her comments section has gone sharply down hill ever since she started pandering to the teaparties. It used to be possible to have a grown-up conversation there, but since she began her pandering whenever I leave a comment there I get smeared by her 'partier audience. None are able to present a valid argument against anything I write there, instead they simply do what teapartiers do: lie and smear.

That said, the situation at Reason is even worse. Whenever I left a comment there I was smeared and in a couple cases they were so vile and libelous I'm considering legal action.

A real rogue's gallery.
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