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Default No "glugg glugg" gesture from Jane Hamsher this time?

1. In a previous dialog with Corsi, Jane Hamsher made a cutesy "glugg glugg" gesture while he wasn't looking; I'm surprised they'd still have someone like that on.

2. Welch is misleading about the difficulty of dealing with immigration. It's actually fairly simple to enforce our laws and it wouldn't be that difficult to reduce the benefits available to illegal aliens and make it difficult for them to find work. Large numbers of illegal aliens would return home over time. We wouldn't need biometrics or any extreme strawmen measures. The problem is that the establishment won't allow it. The establishment constantly monkeywrenches our laws one way or other, whether it's with sanctuary cities, lawsuits, or just turning a blind eye. And, they do that because they're corrupt: they support or enable massive illegal activity in order to gain money or votes. Matt Welch didn't even hint at that.

3. Jane Hamsher didn't tell you that Jorge Ramos is a Mexican citizen. And, despite living and working in the U.S. for years, he won't pursue U.S. citizenship because he might run for office in Mexico one day. Why didn't Jane Hamsher tell you that, but instead presented him as someone whose advice the (U.S.) Democrats should take?

For more on "reform", here are some of the downsides of comprehensive immigration reform that you won't hear from either Hamsher or Welch.

Why waste time with two people who are basically on the same page?
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