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Default Re: All About Weigel

1. Obviously, I'm not a Weigel fan. When he first joined Reason I tried to get him to actually fight the power; instead he quickly revealed himself to be just a hack.

2. Rush and Palin do have power and can get things done. However, the type of power I referred to - the type that Weigel refuses to take on - is establishment (including Beltway) power.

Any old hack - like Weigel - feels free to criticize Palin or Rush because they know they aren't going to get pushback from those who cut their checks.

However, you'll never find Weigel doing things like this or asking even just one of the many other questions I've since come up with for others. He won't do things like that because he knows what would happen: he'd wind up working in a gas station.
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