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Default Is Brink Lindsey a real libertarian?

The type of labor that Brink Lindsey is supporting is massively subsidized. For instance, it's difficult for someone making $30,000 or less per year and who has two children in public schools to pay even a fraction of the school costs. If Brink Lindsay were a real libertarian, he'd make ending such subsidies a necessary precondition before amnesty. But, that's not what he's doing.

What he supports would also have to be done against the will of the vast majority of Americans, meaning that a libertarian is supporting force of some kind (with "force" broadly defined to include trickery, bribes, and the like).

What Brink Lindsay supports would also give the far-left and foreign countries even more power inside the U.S. And, the "guests" would have U.S. citizen children, making it very difficult to deport "guests" who won't leave.

As for his "moral claim", there are so many illegal aliens here not because the American public wants them to stay, but because our politicians are corrupt.

For all the facts of this issue that you will very rarely hear at bloggingheads, I've got thousands of posts about immigration matters going back to 2002.
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