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Default Re: Writing in the Digital Age (Susan Orlean & Kurt Andersen)

Originally Posted by look View Post
I really dislike reading in front of a PC, but since I got a laptop it's not a problem. I wonder if Me& or BN ever upgraded to the new Kindle. I heard that in some ways they're not as good as the original.

I understand that Edith Wharton would write page after page, flowingly, while in bed. As she finished each page she would drop it on the floor for her maid to gather up later.
I did not upgrade. Sometimes I think about it, but I don't see much added value. I love my ugly old early adopter version with the cardboard and tape that I use to prevent myself from hitting the next page button inadvertently. I'm more interested in a Kindle software upgrade than a hardware upgrade. Ebooks are still very poor for non-fiction reading that involves references and footnotes. Amazon needs to figure out how to link to the references/footnotes from the text and vice versa, which is easily done in a regular book; impossible on a Kindle AFAIK. Was in barnes and noble the other night and looked at their ebook the Nook. Looked like the new Kindle. Was not very compelling to me, but the cases they have are MUCH better than the Kindle cases. That alone almost convinced me to switch. A hot pink pleather envelope case will get me every time.

I love paper books and buy them as if money grows on trees because I feel compelled to own them, but nothing beats the Kindle if you are a little bit ADD about reading material and like to have something at your fingertips when the mood strikes, especially when traveling. Plus you can download a free sample of a chapter or two, which is like browsing in a bookstore.

Amazon shoud make a deal with Elsevier Science and others to put their journal subscriptions on the Kindle. They should also make a deal to sell the Kindle versions of books at a discount if you buy the actual book from them and vice versa. They do offer an "electronic" version of some books you buy, but you have to read them on your computer or laptop, which DOES NOT COMPARE to reading on a Kindle. Reading on a Kindle really is a lot like reading a book. Amazon does have a Kindle app for the iPhone, which is cool, but kind of pointless if you have a Kindle, which is a pre-requisite for getting the app to work.

I could go on and on......have I succeeded in talking you into buying one?
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