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Default Race Talk

Here's another sublime patch of honesty.

Finally, two pundits attack the MSM for feeding ridiculous racial opinions that harden caricatures of demographic groups, like old folk, crackers, and Louis Farrakhan Muslims. But then, John McWhorter hypothesizes about a balkanized cultural politics, where groups based around race are comfortable with their exclusion criteria. Politically, this assumes that the current political party structure is fixed, and that the Dems will retain their multicultural platform, and the GOP its white-blind small business cum social conservative big tent. Culturally and economically, different groups might co-exist, but politically, party realignment could shift coalitions.

I asked Piscivorous to lay out his criticism of Obama's ability to be president. I don't think he's a premium pick, but then neither are the other two. I wouldn't criticize him for racism, but I think he's reticent to take that beating. Similarly, Whatfur (who still owes me his right arm for forgiveness) expressed racial views, and not racist ones. it still means he's a moron in the sense he doesn't want to learn his mistakes. This is not politics, although people with all sorts of prejudices make political judgments.

The more sunshine the better, and bhTV finally does that instead of repeating the personality-based, scandal-riden, episodic crap so many 'heads are wasting our times on these diavlogs with. Confine the crap to Week in Blog, and let more WcWhorter's and Loury's shine.
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