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Default Re: Cylons and Voltron and Zombies! Oh My!

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
We're not talking about anything that provides care. We're talking about pension or retirement programs that provide money.
Look above. There was a reference to health care as well as the Chilean pension system.

Yeah. The American Social Security program isn't facing an impending fiscal crisis, either, unless you mean modest shortfalls decades in the future that can be fixed fairly straightforwardly
By modest shortfalls, do you mean raise the retirement age a few years? Sounds simple enough. Maybe this is what you meant by modest shortfalls being fixed fairly straightforwardly.

That's the face of moving the retirement age to 66 in year 2018.

With regard to the Chilean pension system, it's true that it isn't perfect. It's only ranked 7th. USA by comparison? 10th.

2011 Mercer Index.
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