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Default Re: Lessons Learned: Iraq War Redux? (Robert Wright & Heather Hurlburt)

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
The comparison to the US's settlement makes some sense to me here. Native Americans see the encroachment of white settlers as ending up with the loss of their land and often war. They thus respond to additional encroachment -- perhaps by settlers who have no aggressive intentions, but merely want farmland, with violence. As a result, war results and the Native Americans lose and end up with more of their land claimed. Even the US/colonial gov't may not have wanted this -- perhaps they said the land in question was off-limits to the settlers. Do you really react to this by just saying that the Native Americans are unsympathetic aggressors? That any war was their own fault? That seems to me quite similar to what you are saying here.
If there was a UN then and the UN took a 2/3 vote and the Indian's had a right to lobby the member states and the Indians supporter states had a vote and they agreed to go by the vote and the vote was a suggestion that the land be split up according to zones of majority population and that no-one would be forced to move and that no-one would be forced to sell their land and that no-one would have their land taken from them - then yes, if they attacked the settlers I would say the Indians were unsympathetic aggressors and that any war was their own fault.
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