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Sugarkang (SK) said this to me:

I can't wait for the next 10 pages about how libertarians don't matter at all. I also like all the curiosity and simultaneous denigration of/about libertarians. It's like a right winger curious about President Obama who seeks information on Fox News about President Obama.
I then ask if you were comparing bhtv to Fox News, and you deny that this was one of the points of your analogy.

Why would I compare bhtv to Fox News? That's yet another fine demonstration of aggression wrapped in stupidity. It's a matter of public record that I've praised our BHTV guests far more often than I've complained about them. That's definitely not true of your friendly and tolerant liberals though, is it?

The context here was this. I wrote some fairly long posts in which I addressed the questions of the way in which libertarians have been presented on bhtv, and the extent to which they have been presented on bhtv. So when you say that these posts are ďlike a right wingerÖwho seeks information on Fox News about President Obama,Ē and then go on to allege confirmation bias on my part, the ineluctable inference to be drawn from the analogy is that I am using bhtv in the way that a right-winger uses Fox News, that my use of bhtv with regard to libertarians is an instance of confirmation bias in the way that a right-winger evinces confirmation bias in his use of Fox News with respect to Obama. When taken in context, there is no other possible interpretation of what you wrote, SK, sorry. If you canít see this, itís because you must do very poorly on analogy tests and/or you are very careless in the way you express yourself. But I already knew that you express yourself very carelessly.

I do get some pleasure from insulting you, but it is a guilty one, and a childish one, one that I know I should resist. I would ask that you not respond to my posts, I donít have time to play in your playpen. When I announce that I am going to filter someone, the idea is that they respond in kind by not commenting on my posts. Some people refuse to abide by this etiquette, which is admittedly of my own invention.

I would add that if you want people to comment on your ideas, I think it might be a good idea if you send your posts to operative or jimM47 privately, or that you find a sympathetic and competent critic somewhere. What I do not think is a good idea is to post things in a public forum, invite criticism, and then become very defensive when the criticism arrives, as you did when I attempted to discuss scepticism with you, and as ocean pointed out at the time. I am here referring not to that interchange, but to the nontreatise you wrote that was sort of addressed to operative. If itís for operative, why donít you send it to him privately for comment? Because you also said at one point that no one had had the nerve to criticize the substance of what you wrote there. I just want to say that I donít have the time to criticize what you wrote, because what you wrote was badly written and only partly intelligible. It would have taken many hours to edit that post for style and then to try to make a coherent argument out of it. I expect to be paid for work like that. Alternatively, I donít like you nearly enough to donate my time for that work. You have made a very unfavorable impression on me. I really donít like to be called a liar, especially when I know that I am not lying. If you are going to do that, you had better be loaded for bear.

Bottom line: I donít know you, I donít want to know you. But I did sort of feel sorry for you when I read your nontreatise, and you may well be a person of genuine intellectual curiosity and good will (I sense the curiosity, but not the good will). As I said before, I think your online persona is too aggressive for your game, if you see what I mean. I have done you the favors of addressing you sincerely, as a human being, and of reading your nontreatise, and of giving you some well-intentioned advice, or advice that is as well-intentioned as it can be under the circumstances. I now ask that you leave me alone. Based upon our few online interactions, I have no interest in conversing with you about anything. I donít think you treat me with the respect I deserve, I donít think you treat the forum generally with the respect it deserves. Your contributions tend to be a form of environmental pollution. lt is this last point that I want to emphasize, and which provides the justification for my going on at such length here.

I am not a member of any club here. I have had private communications with four posters only, one of whom is florian, who does not consider himself to be a liberal, and one of whom is eeeeeli, because we did an Apollo diavlog together. I have had private communications, none of them lengthy, with three liberal posters and florian. There is no liberal cabal that is out to get you, or to ignore you, but I do happen to know that I am not alone in thinking that the Ignore switch is the best course where you are concerned, partly because Ocean said as much when you and I had our scepticism interchange.

JimM47, an avowed libertarian, stated in this forum at one point that he prefers to discuss his ideas with other like-minded people, and he did an Apollo diavlog with a young man who is either a libertarian or very open to libertarianism. I think he may have me filtered, I know what would have occasioned it, it's his problem, if I am right, as far as I am concerned, though I did say something provocative to him at one point. This is by way of pointing out that the echo chamber phenomenon is not confined to liberals. If you are unhappy with the way in which your ideas, or libertarianism generally, are treated by this alleged cabal of liberals, perhaps you should change your ideas or express your existing ones in a more cogent and appealing way.

I have said what I have to say to you solely on my own behalf. I was, however, in private communication with one other user, a liberal, who has you filtered, as I found out, because I did mention that I found you very unpleasant. The point is, I do read libertarians, and I do watch or listen to them. If I think it's desirable to filter you, perhaps libertarianism per se is not the root cause.

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