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Default Re: Commenter Klatch (Robert Wright & Aryeh Cohen-Wade)

My list of things I'd like to see:
1: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw vs Jerry Holkins. Or like how about David Sirlin? I wouldn't know who to pair him off against, maybe someone from another branch of game design? Like Mark Rosewater or Raph Koster?

I don't know what specific topic would lure these into a debate, that would not be too esoteric for the audience. Video games are a $60+ billion industry, more than movies, tv, or music, and is on par with books. There are probably even better bloggers out there for discussing this, but these are some high profile bloggers who get a lot of traffic on their various websites and would have a lot of cool things to discuss.

2: I've said this before. I would pay money to see Ann Coulter on bloggingheads. Not a lot of money, but some.
I'd really like to see her bounce off of Connor Friedersdorf, Ross Douthat, David Frum, or even like Julian Sanchez? Bouncing her off a liberal isn't interesting. Bob maybe, if he could stomach it.

3: More people from Econlog. With anyone. Caplan versus Frum on Pacifism? That would be sick.

4: I'd like to see Victor David Hanson against someone good. Someone who is not only intellectually equal to, but is also willing to push back on him. That'd be fun to watch.

5: Maybe some more people from Ricochet? The ladies have been excellent so far, more people from that site.

I know this is unlikely but:
6: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
Ron Paul and Tyler Cowen or anyone from Econlog or Cafe Hayek. Any 'institutional libertarian' or liberaltarian versus him would be excellent.

Oh and while we're at it, maybe getting Newt Gingrich?

I should let you guys know, I've voted for a candidate based on their appearance on this website.
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