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Default The Medium Is the Message

Originally Posted by Simon Willard View Post
Bloggingheads is only interesting when people with differing views participate. This does not mean knock-down drag-out fights between Democratic and Republican partisans who are trying to score rhetorical points. But it does mean getting people who can throw light on issues from different directions.
Thank you! It bears repeating, because Bob Wright doesn't seem to understand it, that the medium is the message. I won't speak for others here, but I like because people who disagree used to do diavlogs where they debated "things" politely and could talk intelligibly without talking over and through and against the other guy in the other box. It was a cage match for geeks.

I would say we like Science Saturday so much and Wright/Kaus because these guys can debate so well. McWhorter/Loury is another. PinkerCorn - where are they? - were the absolute tops, and much more topical than The Week in Blog. As a matter of fact, PinkerCorn alone once a week might even lead me to consider - dare I speak it lest I give staffers an orgasm? - paying for a diavlog.

Someone needs to educate Bob quickly.
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