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Default Re: An Occasion of Sin (Mark Schmitt & Tim Carney)

I'm going to try to not get too snarky here, but how many libertarian puppets for rightwing billionaires do we have to be subject to on Bloggingheads?

There was a period when we couldn't go a week without getting two or three libertarian flunkeys in the employ of the Koch brothers' Cato Institute. Now we have some crackpot who works for something called The Washington Examiner.

A three second Google search reveals The Washington Examiner to be a free newspaper put out by conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Well, I guess we should be grateful for the variety!

Not just liberterian stooges for rightwing billionaires from Kansas who inherited their father's oil business (the Koch brothers, Cato), now we're also getting a libertarian stooge for a Colorado billionaire who inherited his father's oil businesses (Anschutz, The Washington Examiner)!

My, what range of thought on Bloggingheads! Puppets in the employ of rightwing Kansas oil billionaire heirs and now - now a puppet in the employ of a rightwing Colorado oil billionaire heir as well! Truly, the full spectrum of contemporary intellectual thought in the Western world!

Look, it's not that complicated. Bloggingheads perennials like Peter Suderman, Megan McArdle, Julian Sanchez, Nick Gillespie and Will Wilkinson represent an economic philosophy that's been brutally refuted by the financial collapse of the past decade. Their beloved Ayn Rand is ludicrous kitsch; their take on free will, juvenile and out of step with contemporary science (as well as 125 years of philosophy.) Their socially liberal, economically conservative, open borders, anti-regulation orientation is shared by a tiny minority of the American populace, but they make good lackays for the corporate interests and lunatic billionaires that fund them. That's why they have jobs, blogs, the opportunity to spout their silliness on this site.

Paul Krugman has a blog. John Cassidy of The New Yorker has a blog. Brad DeLong of Berkeley has a blog. These are real economists, genuinely well educated and intelligent people, much too intelligent to have ever taken 'Atlas Shrugged' seriously and much too accomplished to be in the employ of some risible Montgomery Burns figure. There are many, many more.

A serious effort should be made to lose the silly libertarian stooges who haunt this site and to get some grown-up economists - many with blogs - who aren't working for billionaire loons to come on and talk.

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