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Default Re: The Week in Blog: What's Wrong With Being Sexy? (Bill Scher & Matt Lewis)

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
You're putting words into my mouth. I never said "they are only popular because of their looks" or mentioned a "Koch machine." Nor did I say "Republican men are wacky." If you don't want to address what's actually been said to you, that's fine, but don't expect me to bother responding.
Preventing Mass Murder in Schools: Understanding Violent Children from "Peaceful" Families

"If the inability of self-reflection persists into adulthood, psychic equivalence and the pathological pretend-mode (dissociation) have a vital role in acts of enraged violence. Fonagy also argued for the necessity of the therapist to function as does the parent, i.e., thinking thoughts as representations, rather than as replicas of either external reality or internal fantasy. "

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
It's pretty one-sided. ... there are clearly folks here who don't understand the difference between actual facts about the world and assertions of their own personal preferences. ...
For whatever reason ... there seem to be a fair number of prolific posters with arguably right-wing views about whom that's obviously true.

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
Sailer is plainly dishonest, and his racist agenda taints everything associated with him. Just because an argument is based on ad hominem reasoning doesn't mean it has to also be a fallacy. Sailer has excluded himself by what he believes and says.

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
He hides White Supremacist and plainly racist arguments behind direct denials about the nature of those arguments.

Steve Sailer:
"While citizenism is compatible with a realistic appreciation of racial differences, it opposes wasting political capital and energy on expressions of hostility toward our fellow citizens who are African-Americans—energy that could far more profitably be devoted to rallying broad support for preserving the value of our citizenship.

Blacks should be ashamed of the level of crime found in their community, but anti-black sentiment is self-defeating."
Yet the only scenario likely to make white nationalism effective as an electoral force within, say, three decades would be the utter failure of our current attempts to limit immigration.

Moreover, making immigration restriction into a white nationalist crusade would wreck the chances of immigration reform passing.

As Talleyrand might have said, "White Nationalism is worse than a crime, it's a mistake."
Just like the Nazis could tell who was a Jew?
You can tell who's plainly a racist?
By smell or just by looking?
Should we tattoo numbers on all of these racists?
Should we round them up into a camp and then gas them all at once to save our precious ammunition?
Should we shave their heads so that they do not contaminate each other with lice?
The mixing of populations lowers the cost of being unusual.

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