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Default Re: Keith Olbermann's post on FOK

Originally Posted by rcocean View Post
Huh? This is the same "Culture"? That happened 65 years ago. Want to do anymore borderline-ignorant Japanese bashing?

Or maybe I misunderstood your point, although I doubt it.
You were right the second time, you totally whiffed. The Japanese culture that is very strong on groupthink and weak on the individual existed in the 1940s and continues (although looser) today. To say that Japanese cultural mores that existed 70 years ago have vanished today is beyond borderline ignorant.

And I wasn't bashing Japanese per se, I was pointing out weaknesses and risks in a culture that promotes subservience to the group to an unhealthy degree. Their cultural aspects such as respect for the family unit, the elderly and almost neurotic compulsions on keeping things neat, clean and orderly (as well as quiet) are IMO something to boast about. I lived in an apartment complex in S CA that had about 200 units and had many japanese/chinese immigrant families. I remember the manager saying that even though the asians made up over 75% of the residents, they accounted for less than 10% of the problems, while the black and hispanic residents (about 15%) accounted for most of the problems.

To the race baiters who may pounce on this line - I'm sorry if uncomfortable facts bother you but argue with the facts, not me.

Originally Posted by bjkeefe
Your obtuseness would make Lial proud.
Your citation of "science!" followed by zero science would make Al Gore proud.

Originally Posted by bjkeefe
Just can't get away from that violent rhetoric, can you?
Heh, can't get away from the left's MO of cutting out context (the word 'verbally') to try and make a point but in effect just beclowning yourself.

Then again - with all the violent rhetoric coming from the msm and unions these days, it never hurts to be careful. Thanks for the caution. Now tell Time Mag., they just posted this headline:

Wisconsin's Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker?
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