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Default Re: Values Added: Light Bulb Revolution (Amanda Marcotte & Mollie Ziegler-Hemingway)

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
After being contradicted twice, I've taken the extreme step of looking it up. Wonderment and Brendan are right, I'm wrong. Statutory rape always involves one person who is under-age.
Interestingly the age of consent: list here had a curious footnote:

for these states rape isn't rape rape.
State | Age
Kentucky | 16 - [1]
Mississippi | 16 - [2]

[1]Age 16 if the man is 21 or older.
[2]If the female is over 12, the status applies only to virgins.
Ah Red State Morality at work The de-virgined seem to be less interesting to lawmakers in Mississippi.

With this mindset one could think that when it comes to abortion maybe it's the fact that a fetus can't have sex that assures it's innocence and keeps them spiritually perfect. Maybe it's the Pre-Born have no Original Sin ??

edit: de-slandered Mississippi for the most part
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