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JonIrenicus 01-31-2012 12:04 AM

Really interesting messaging data from a dating site
So I found this info completely fascinating. It's essentially a collection of messaging data from the dating site okcupid where they compiled charts that highlight the messaging reply rates by race both to and from.

You might find the results interesting.

here is the straight data

here is the gay data

A couple of trends, straight women are MUCH less likely to respond to anyone compared to straight men. This might have something to do with a higher number of male suitors, but whatever the cause, women are just much pickier/selective than the males are.

Whatever the reply rate, white people in general are the LEAST likely to respond to anyone of any race. Again, this might be a function of having the luxury of being more selective if they get a higher number of total messages.

The ONLY group of females that see lower response rates by men are black women, this is an interesting result because black women are the most likely to respond to messages sent to them.

On the same sex side, the female response rate is less frigid. They are much more likely to respond to other females, they also don't seem to have a penalty for black women.

The male side was pretty interesting, it turns out the group with the most appeal seem to be middle eastern men for other guys, they have the highest reply rate, the lowest are black/asian/and indian men.

The last surprised me a bit, I knew asian/black guys had a bit of a handicap in terms of the sort of general appeal to other guys (talking averages here), but never knew indian guys had a handicap.

Anyway, interesting results. Look through it if bored, there is nothing boring about that data.

handle 01-31-2012 05:10 PM

Re: Really interesting messaging data from a dating site
Not to worry, I'm sure you'll find that special someone.

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