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TwinSwords 11-22-2011 07:15 AM

Fox Anti-News
A new poll finds:

-- The more Fox News you watch, the less you know.
-- Fox News viewers are actually less informed than people who watch no news at all.

So, what does this mean?

This means the Republican News Agency is hitting on all cylinders. The Fox News enterprise is functioning exactly to specification.

If lifelong Republican operative Roger Ailes could have looked into the future when he launched Fox News 17 years ago, he never could have imagined the network would be so effective at misinforming and misleading the public.

I think we should put partisanship aside for a moment to acknowledge the GOP's success at achieving one of its primary objectives. Bravo, Republicans! Bravo!

Poll: Fox News Viewers Less Informed Than Those Who Read No News


Get this: Fox News is — gasp! — not all that informative, according to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s latest PublicMind poll.

The poll — which asked New Jerseyans where they find news and information about current events — found that Sunday morning news shows are the most informative, while Fox News actually leads people to be less informed than those who consume no news at all.

The poll focused partly on popular uprisings in Egypt and Syria. Asked whether the people of Egypt successfully topped Hosni Mubarak’s regime, 49 percent of Fox News viewers answered “yes” — the lowest on the scale — while 68 percent of NPR listeners answered in the affirmative, the highest on the scale.

Those who watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart performed well on the questions. Sixty percent of Daily Show viewers correctly answered that opposition forces in Syria have not yet toppled the government, second only to NPR. Forty-five percent of Fox News viewers answered “no.”

“The (poll’s) results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all,” said Dan Cassino, a political science professor at Fairleigh Dickinson and an analyst for the poll.

The results probably won’t come as much of a shock. In December, TPM reported that a University of Maryland study showed that daily Fox News viewers were the most misinformed, regardless of political party.


graz 11-22-2011 09:43 AM

The dirty Rino turncoat, Frum says:

3. Fox News and Talk Radio
Extremism and conflict make for bad politics but great TV. Over the past two decades, conservatism has evolved from a political philosophy into a market segment. An industry has grown up to serve that segment—and its stars have become the true thought leaders of the conservative world. The business model of the conservative media is built on two elements: provoking the audience into a fever of indignation (to keep them watching) and fomenting mistrust of all other information sources (so that they never change the channel). As a commercial proposition, this model has worked brilliantly in the Obama era. As journalism, not so much. As a tool of political mobilization, it backfires, by inciting followers to the point at which they force leaders into confrontations where everybody loses, like the summertime showdown over the debt ceiling.

But the thought leaders on talk radio and Fox do more than shape opinion. Backed by their own wing of the book-publishing industry and supported by think tanks that increasingly function as public-relations agencies, conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics. Outside this alternative reality, the United States is a country dominated by a strong Christian religiosity. Within it, Christians are a persecuted minority. Outside the system, President Obama—whatever his policy *errors—is a figure of imposing intellect and dignity. Within the system, he’s a pitiful nothing, unable to speak without a teleprompter, an affirmative-action *phony doomed to inevitable defeat. Outside the system, social scientists worry that the U.S. is hardening into one of the most rigid class societies in the Western world, in which the children of the poor have less chance of escape than in France, Germany, or even England. Inside the system, the U.S. remains (to borrow the words of Senator Marco Rubio) “the only place in the world where it doesn’t matter who your parents were or where you came from.”

bjkeefe 11-22-2011 11:06 PM

Re: The dirty Rino turncoat, Frum says:

Originally Posted by graz (Post 232438)

Love the red pix.

Sulla the Dictator 11-24-2011 03:20 AM

Re: Fox Anti-News
Ach you're a drone. It's bizarre that you make such sweeping statements about people not justified by the actual survey, because TPM connects the dots for you. Let me fill you in on a little secret: people who read the paper are likely to be more informed than people who watch television.

Also included in your study:

New Jerseyans are not necessarily more likely to be knowledgeable about domestic politics than international events. Just 47% are able to identify the Occupy Wall Street protesters as predominantly Democratic: 11 % think they are Republicans. Viewers of cable news on MSNBC are the most likely to think the protestors are Republicans.Watching the left-leaning MSNBC news channel is associated with a 10-point increase in the likelihood of misidentifying the protesters

More relevant to someone from New Jersey than Egypt. What is wrong with people who watch MSNBC? I guess we need to ask you, if you know the partisan make-up of OWS?

What are we to conclude from this very important data? That people who watch left wing networks are defectives?

Also note that MSNBC scored 2% better than FOX on that Syria question. That is a meaningless difference in statistics. None of these facts are mentioned on TPM. Guess you should read the studies you crow about.

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