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Bloggingheads 02-10-2008 08:29 AM

Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!

Bloggin' Noggin 02-10-2008 10:37 AM

Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!

Please explain this further, Conn. Are you saying that a belief in free markets requires one not to believe in negative externalities -- a part of standard economics since the beginning? In other words, if free markets can't solve global warming all on their own (without SOME kind of gov't intervention), then of course, global warming must not exist? "Pay no attention to the calamity behind the curtain!"
Or is it that conservatives feel we should let markets be free though the heavens fall?
Or is there some OTHER kind of government intervention than cap and trade that would please conservatives? If there is, I haven't heard it. I'm afraid CPAC-ers actually believe in one of my first two options.

I'd also like to understand why telecom immunity is some kind of deep conservative principle. I can see why Big Business is on the side of telecom immunity, but if Conservatism stands for something principled, not just the interests of giant corporations, why is telecom immunity so essential?
How does this sit with the distrust of government interventions in campaign finance and the economy? Here we have a back-door approach for the government to get away with far more spying on American citizens without their having any idea what was going on. I don't see how McCain/Feingold is a bigger blow to liberty than THAT.

I'm afraid Conn really has drunk the Heritage Kool-Aid. The thing about Lieberman and the "Gang of Fourteen" was just and comical. Bill Scher's flabbergasted reaction -- "what do you mean? you guys won that one!" -- could stand for just about any sane person's reaction. Even what's left of the old journalist Conn seems to take over Pod-Conn long enough to admit this: "Hey what can I say. We're a demanding bunch."

Maybe Conn will recover a bit when he leaves the peculiar atmosphere of CPAC. I hope so.

rcocean 02-10-2008 11:55 AM

Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!
I liked this diavlog both interesting and amusing. Scheer complete inability to understand the Conservative dislike of McCain was particularly funny.

Bill, your validation of McCain's conservative bona-fides is silly. It carries the same weight as my opinion that the Democrats should nominate Lieberman. After all, he has a 90 percent ADA rating, and he's the more electable than Hillary or Obama.

And the agreement on Coulter was interesting. Scheer wants her shut up and driven out of the public square. But Left-wing bomb throwers like Maher or Sharpton are OK. Strangely, Conn agrees.

TwinSwords 02-10-2008 11:59 AM

Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!

Originally Posted by rcocean (Post 70110)
Bill, your validation of McCain's conservative bona-fides is silly. It carries the same weight as my opinion that the Democrats should nominate Lieberman.

That's an interesting comparison. Just curious: Are you going to vote for McCain this fall?


Originally Posted by rcocean (Post 70110)
Left-wing bomb throwers like Maher or Sharpton are OK.

Have Sharpton or Mahar ever really said anything as offensive as the things Coulter says? And I realize Sharpton is loathed by a great many Americans (regardless of party), but is he really a bomb-thrower? Is that the right term? What are some of the bombs he's thrown? For that matter, what bombs has Mahar thrown?

jmcnulty 02-10-2008 03:43 PM

Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!
Excellent blog. I thought that Bill Scher was obviously gloating much of the time, but so what -- as a lib he had reason to gloat. These are dark times for Republicans. At best, Republicans are going to be lectured to by John McCain as how he is really one of them (and they ought to recognize it, dammit!)-- as he does leftist things to broaden his appeal. He is Bob Dole without the jokes, and we all know how that turned out. "Where's the outrage?" indeed. But I do not think that he can beat either Hillary or (probably) Obama. He has already said that Hillary will make a fine President, and she voted for the war too, so what is he exactly going to do? He can argue that she has changed her mind about the war, but I doubt that anyone -- even the most hawkish conservative -- is going to be moved to vote for McCain for that reason. No one is FOR the war or 100 years in Iraq. We all just have different ideas about how bad the end of the war has to be. I suspect that at the first debate, Obama -- slim, elegant, graceful, a black JFK -- will just have to stand on the same stage with a short, irritable, balding, crotchety John McCain, and the election will be over. When Obama becomes President, we just have to hope that he is not as "transformational" as I think he might be. He might be the beginning of a Democratic generation in power.

uncle ebeneezer 02-11-2008 01:35 PM

Re: Live from CPAC, It's the Week in Blog!
Before listening to this, let me say that I loved the visual of Bill the liberal with the Blue-collar working class shirt, and Conn with the White collar pro-business look. Obviously they could easily be reversed on any given day (though Scher tends to be pretty casual) and Conn's assignment has much to do with that as well, but it was still an interesting juxtaposition of fashion and ideology.

I must say that in general, I think Bill has gotten much better as a Bhead. At first, I thought he was somewhat dull (style-wise, not intelligence-wise), but he has had great insights the past few times I have watched, and is becoming a favorite. Conn, if I may agree with Bloggin', went from someone whose ideology wasn't apparent to me in the beginning, to a very partisan-sounding Republican. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it was very noticable since the Scher/Carroll diavlogues used to be some of the more ideologically ambiguous here on BHTV, but that can't be said nowadays. Maybe it's election fever. Still enjoy them though.

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