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Bloggingheads 06-12-2011 08:59 PM

The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)

harkin 06-12-2011 10:32 PM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
If only someone could create a show realistically portraying the snake pit that is network television as described by Ms Barr, I might find myself watching an entire network comedy or drama again. Larry Sanders was great but that was two decades ago, today all we have is the safe, brain-dead 30 Rock. The dramas all look the same and sitcoms are a parade of unfunny continuing now with Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory (maybe I shouldn't comment on these shows as I've never watched one entire episode, they really were that bad).

There is a potential goldmine of material in Roseanne's memories of creating a TV show and reaching the top of the ratings. The same could be said of those who have served in network news and politics, too bad we'll never get anything better than the fantasy worlds we are shown.

thprop 06-12-2011 10:36 PM

Suderman - learn to shut up, let the other person talk and stop talking over them. You are not that interesting that we want to hear a monologue from you. Your homelife must be a blast - do you and McArdle ever hear what the other says?

JonIrenicus 06-12-2011 11:53 PM

X-Men: Magneto vs Xavier = Malcolm X vs MLK
The proper path taken depends on the quality of the larger society I think. If the society is basically decent, the MLK style is the best Tact, if not ( obvious examples of Mao/Stalin/Nazis etc) then the Malcolm approach makes more sense.

btw, the Palestinians approach should not be following the Malcolm style with Israel for the above reasons.

Hume's Bastard 06-13-2011 01:29 AM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
Phewww....I don't want to get between Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman on a talk panel, or at a drinks-fueled bash! Alyssa, no points for not unloading on Peter! I could see she could hold her own, so why not...?!

On X-Men, as a Poli Sci geek who saw the movie, to crash after finishing a paper for an IR class, what surprised me was the Cuban Missile Crisis angle. Not that the homoeroticism wasn't easy to see lurking like a boner, but getting as yet-unborn generations to understand the Cold War in the wake of 9/11 is also probably wasted effort. What I found most compelling were the old TV reels of President John F. Kennedy, something which also impressed my South Korean wife who had never heard or seen his face. Something so realistic almost seemed more fantastic. But, the most vivid image I have is how easily Magneto tossed around the missiles and vessels, when in reality the whole world with a television or radio, or newspaper, cowered. The other scene that impressed me was Sebastian Shaw on a cross after the Jewish champion Magneto destroyed his brain with a gold coin and in the process sent Xavier into paroxysms. But, maybe I'm just a sucker for the payoff scenes.

Do I have to say it? If TV is not good for anyone but the young white guys, then why shouldn't everyone else just live their lives and let us white guys ponder, fret, and invent our own opinions about what non-white guys do when we are ignoring them. Why does TV have to be educational? We're going to find out sooner or later, so why should TV try to warn us or educate us in such a lame way?

Don Zeko 06-13-2011 11:23 AM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
Peter's definition of a "political" story appears to be an awfully narrow one if he doesn't think that Game of Thrones fits that definition very well. Game is about politics in the same way that The Godfather is about politics: it explores the nature of power, of leadership, and the human impact of the acquisition and use of power. Plus, Game says far more about the relatively anarchic world of foreign policy than it does about internal democratic politics.

sugarkang 06-14-2011 02:01 AM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
I can't watch this diavlog until I watch X-Men first. I can't watch X-Men until it comes out on Netflix or Amazon. I guess I'm not watching this diavlog.

sapeye 06-15-2011 01:02 AM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
The Rumsfeld approach to alien invasion movie directing.

osmium 06-19-2011 02:41 PM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
I watched a few minutes of this diavlog. Caught the part about how there won't be a Storm movie because she's black and a woman. I get what you're trying to say there, but the existence of the Catwoman movie belies your statement. I suspect we're not far from a Storm movie, but as a comics fan I truly hope they don't make one, because all these new-wave comics movies made for squares are awful.

I read a very nice piece online about why contemporary super hero movies suck, and it rings true to me. It's because grown-up comic book fanboys make terrible comic book movies. I don't know who made this new X Men movie but I have an easy time believing it's some grown up comic book fan trying to monkey with the X Men to shove them down the throats of people who watch movies, e.g make Professor X and Magneto possibly gay (?).

The opening scene of the truly excellent X Men graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills drives home the comparison between oppression of the mutants and oppression in "real life" of black people, Jewish people, etc, and the entire thing is written in a compassionate way to cement this idea in the minds of the teenagers who were reading it. Years later this great book was sliced and diced and made into X2, which was fine, but didn't have the feeling of the source material.

Flaw 06-19-2011 04:49 PM

Re: The Rise of the Culture Wonk (Alyssa Rosenberg & Peter Suderman)
PETER SUDERMAN needs to shut up and let ALYSSA ROSENBERG talk.

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