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Francoamerican 09-24-2008 06:08 AM

Re: The Academic-Industrial Complex
[QUOTE=Ocean;91971]It looks like you weren't very lucky in being exposed to the right kind of scholars in those areas. I think you may have had a different opinion if you had contact with, perhaps, more knowledgeable people. That line between scholarly discussion and advocacy is very well defined. If someone crosses it, it can only be deliberate. I'm not personally opposed to advocating whatever you believe in as long as there is an upfront disclaimer about your preference. [QUOTE=Ocean;91971]

Since the school I attended is considered one of the best I assume the people I knew were above average in intelligence and knowledge.

I disagree with you when you say that there is a very well defined line between advocacy and inquiry. In American academia there is a kind of cultural imperative to be EDIFYING, regardless of the facts. This is especially true when literary scholars and some historians venture into areas about which they know nothing. Besides, without a firm grounding in EUROPEAN history and culture, where all the important developments in socialism have occurred, I don't see how one can even talk about the subject.

Finally, I really do not understand what business English professors have talking about Marxism etc.. Surely they can put their time to better use explaining, e.g. why Shakespeare is better than a sitcom... Admittedly, that might force them to think a little. And thought is hard.

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