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Comment guidelines for the Bloggingheads Community

We welcome all political viewpoints in the Bloggingheads forum, and encourage lively debate, but we do ask that you treat other commenters with common decency. We don’t like to censor* posts or ban people from the forum, but we may do so when necessary to keep the environment from getting too ugly.

We particularly aim to keep the “Diavlog comments” and “Apollo diavlog comments” subforums civil and on-topic, so we may enforce a higher standard in those subforums than elsewhere.**

Our guidelines:

#1 No name-calling aimed at fellow commenters or diavloggers.

#2 No gratuitously rude comments about diavloggers’ physical appearance or speaking style.

#3 No fabricated quotes—use the vBulletin quote function only for real quotations.


*Note that we have two levels of post-removal: (a) “hiding” a post, which removes it only from the videopage (it can still be viewed in the forum), and (b) “deleting” a post, which removes it from both the videopage and the forum thread. Fair warning: We may use the “hide” function a bit more freely on the first dozen or so posts—the ones that appear in the prominent space right below the diavlog. We’ll even hide early posts containing four-letter words (which are not so much of a concern further down in the comments).

**The “Diavlog comments” and “Apollo diavlog comments” subforums are the ones that feed comments from the vBulletin forum onto the videopage (directly below the diavlog). These subforums have exactly one thread per diavlog, and no other threads. The other two, less structured subforums are “General comments about Bloggingheads.tv” and “Life, the Universe and Everything.”

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