View Full Version : Blood on their hands? Wikileaks and Pastor Nero

04-02-2011, 06:27 AM
No one has died as a result of wikileaks? Those spotless white gloves just got stained.


"ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A prominent Islamist politician escaped an assassination attempt on Thursday in northwestern Pakistan, the second in two days, as a suicide bomb ripped through his convoy, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 30, police officials said.


Mr. Rehman has a reputation as a deft, pragmatic politician; he has opposed both United States policies in the region and the tactics used by the local Taliban, who as a result have kept him on their hit list. Mr. Rehman faced criticism recently after WikiLeaks released diplomatic cables disclosing that despite his anti-American public posturing he had sought help from the United States ambassador in Islamabad in 2007 as part of a failed bid to become the country’s prime minister.

The young and brash leadership of the Pakistani Taliban seems to have little patience for Islamist politicians like Mr. Rehman, who are amenable to political compromises and concessions with the country’s secular and moderate political parties. Mr. Rehman has said that he wants to enact Islamic law in the country, but also that he believes in democratic elections and that he does not support militancy."

And then the pastor who we all thought had a change of heart.

http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2011/04/02/2011-04-02_pastor_terry_jones_has_blood_on_his_hands_after _afghan_attack_in_response_to_kor.html

Both acts perceived as reckless, both led to bloodshed.

Do you all hold them responsible for the murders? On whatever level?

I am pulled in both directions with these examples. I am resistant to faulting them because it seems to lessen the crime of the actual perpetrators. But then maybe I can both blame the murderers and fault the pastor/wikileaks for the actions that led to the murders?

The problem is that by doing the latter and faulting the pastor/wikileaks, I am performing the same type of reprimand one would give to a man who drives drunk and ends up killing people. We punish that man harshly not because he intended to harm anyone, but because intoxication is a state that is so volatile that one often cannot help but do harm.

I don't like treating people and their ethics and actions like I would a chimp with a hand gun. A room filled with gas where the tiniest spark explodes into a fireball of death and destruction. Am I supposed to expect so little from people? To treat them less like human beings and more like a rabid dog let loose with livestock? What else can we expect from such a creature in such a circumstance?

I'd like to expect better, but the truth is, I often don't.