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03-10-2011, 10:01 PM
Seems we live in a world that thinks nothing is possible. In a catholic world yes, that listens to those that say things not so true. Well, I am 100 percent true Catholic, and I am not liking the things of today no. Many steal just for their own pleasure, and dont give a dam about the starving poor. Changing words to fit their agenda.

Well, in reality, I know for a fact, their is life out there, other than ours.
One night, I watched the skys with my own eyes from Northern Arizona, and it was quite amazing, using a DS 114 autostar, I tracked a light in the sky that ran the heavens of Orian, and did not stop until the azimuth of our globe was in the way of me to even see it... Well, in truth, it was so to far away for it to be anything from this earth. And it was moving way to fast to be of anything from this earth. And it was steady accross the sky as it moved. It was not a falling star, but did resemble the star yes, for it was to far away for anything else of it to be noticed except of its light through the ds 114.

So now the world has a blog to read and to think about what that means, that yes, their is life out their near Orian, or well, its probably not their anymore, but in another part of the vast universes yes.... My judgement says, it was moving at mach 50... speed of light or more. Reality of cattolica! I have read no where in the scriptures that this could not be true. Yet, I receive all kinds of talk from those that reject what I just said to be true here on earth from catholics. Catholics beleive not in life on other planets, because they reject the science. Natural Law? But then again, they are not trully catholic, for if they were, they would understand truth about the true Scriptures... Something fake Benedict jerk face knows nothing about it. At the rate this world is going, they will kill themselves before another 10 years is even up. By Plagues. Why, because they want to be the big shot... oil $$$ I for one do know, that humility never ever hurt anyone...

Now all can understand, that what this world is really like, is of to kill... Is this what you will tell your neighbor out there in Orian, - come on, lets see what you got kind of shit. ? God is love. He does not negotiate with evil... Those that would do such thing, lie to themselves and to the rest of this entire planet... Friends dont kill each other, why are they so up on making the star wars? Did you ever ask them...

03-11-2011, 02:50 PM
I get the impression that you are from Italy and English is your second (or third?) language. Perhaps you should explain this to the readers here so they are not put off by your spelling (Orion) and phraseology.

As far as content, however, you are on your own.