View Full Version : So is it a Mosque, or not?

Jay J
11-24-2010, 03:11 PM
I have been confused, throughout the whole controversy, on whether the Cordova Center, (or whatever I'm supposed to call it) actually qualifies as a Mosque or not, or if not, if that's all that important to emphasize. I know right-wing propaganda (there is left-wing propaganda, though I'm not focusing on it here) sometimes tars certain issues with catch phrases or terms that are very unflattering, to their rhetorical advantage. But it seems like we can call them on that while at the same time staying true to reality.

So, I have heard and read, from the very start, that 1500 or so people (Muslims, to be precise) a week are expected to pray at the... Center. Sooo, if one is concerned about Muslim religious observance close to Ground Zero, how would it be a principled objection to tell them that it's technically not going to be a Mosque? Seems like if most of us aren't concerned about non-Judeo/Christian religious observance so close to a site with such national significance, then we should just tell them we don't share their concern (whether we should call them bigots is an argument for another post).

But recently I have heard reports on teevee that say there will be a Mosque portion, and a Community Center portion. So, what's the status?

And surely, if someone is

(A) using scare terms to manipulate public opinion and demagogue,

then we certainly don't respond by

(B) denying true claims the demagogues make in the course of their demagoguery,

rather, we do

(C) point out that the terms they use are true or misleading, or by pointing out that the words they use are true but incomplete, or some such tactic.

Don't you agree?

I've seen some of C, but I've also seen a lot of "It's not a Mosque!!" behavior from the left. So my question is, is it? And if it's not, is it not a Mosque the way, say, a dry cleaners is not a Mosque? Meaning, not even close? Or is it not a Mosque the way a quasi-Mosque is not a Mosque? If it's the latter, then how does it keep with our principles in pointing that out? After all, the frustrated, incredulous denial from the left, ("It's not a Mosque!"), is ostensibly motivated by the principled desire to expose irresponsible intellectual behavior on the right.