View Full Version : India trip good pr for Obama

11-07-2010, 08:02 PM
No articles here, it just seems like good pr so far, especially as a way to get the mind off the recent democratic blowout. Plus India is one of those countries that makes people like me feel warm and fuzzy when we cooperate more. Not completely sure why, but where I have negative feelings about the influences of many muslim nations around the world, or more wary senses about China and its role, India shares none of that tainted sentiment. I was happy when we shared nuclear technology back when Bush was around, maybe because it reinforced the idea that yes, we are FINE with India having more access to nuclear technology because they are not some bad actor we treat no differently from friend of foe. They should be treated differently, and I am sort of glad when we do. I vaguely remember some hostility to the idea of India getting more nuclear technology during the old Clinton years, but only vaguely.

Anyway, there are probably a thousand holes in the above than be blasted open by people more familiar with the details of what is wrong with India relations and India in general, but that is my general layman sense of things.

11-07-2010, 08:22 PM
India is a beautiful and fascinating country, and destined to be an incredibly important one...and Obama went and delivered a smackdown on protectionism, so I'm cool with it.