View Full Version : Bob's favorite person (Fareed) talks about the middle class

10-28-2010, 05:03 AM

The first 37 minutes or so was nothing but a gang of liberals circle @#$ing themselves about what happened/needs to happen with the middle class and the need to take larger chunks out of that finite pie the rich horde like robber barons (rolls eyes), but Fareed had a few more interesting things to say.

Germany was mentioned as a model nation that maintained manufacturing higher end goods. Not sure that is a panacea though, if other nations get better at that then wouldn't that too be turned into a commodity?

I found it sort of interesting as there was some talk about what created a middle class, the pressures that eroded that model, and different models that might hold up going forward. Less focus on subsistence solutions (tax the rich more to provide the plebs with middle class amenities without them having to actually be middle class i.e. healthcare for all) and more focus on the core problem, a strong middle class that can sustain itself and its burdens.