View Full Version : Friedman Sowell on Equality

10-09-2009, 01:48 AM
Friedman was pressed hard in this, some lefties may like this more.


again old, but maybe interesting

10-09-2009, 02:36 AM
Incidentally, after seeing all 3 clips, Friedman never gave a completely satisfactory answer to the challenge of to what extent should people be concerned with equality of results.

All established that perfect equality is a fantasy (though based off some of the comments you see around here from time to time you wonder how many believe that fantasy), but Friedman was pressed on the point of whether or not he thinks it is reasonable for society to be concerned, at all, with outcomes.

I think in the end he mentioned preferring greater freedom of choice to greater equality of outcomes. Anyway, it's not a new disagreement, and to the extent you are concerned about it on some line graph probably tells where you are ideologically.

For me, so long as equality of opportunity is roughly equal, then I am less concerned about how uniform the results look.

But then people will define "roughly equal" very differently. It never ends. Be nice to have a silver bullet type argument to shut it all down. Maybe one of you has the creativity come up with it.

In the end though, I would not make some principled argument against improving outcomes if it was clearly in the spirit of a societal good. And had a decent chance of working. Like expanding those KIP type learning centers for disadvantaged kids that show real results.