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07-29-2009, 01:39 AM
I have heard this brought up as a problem in the medical field. Is it true and how bad is it?


Even if we all agreed to go single payer and up health care coverage, adding millions of people with no commensurate increase in doctors would seem to be a problem, particularly if they are stretched thin as is.

Are there too few people trying to become doctors? Are classes simply too selective and small? I know the pre med track is pretty insane in terms of competition to the point where the people being rejected from top institutions are still some of the absolute cream of the crop.

If it is just about limiting the number of doctors allowed by making the demands ever higher to select a given percentage of the top cream, then loosening the standards a bit would increase the supply of doctors no?

If there is really a shortage of interest in and of itself, what are ways to make the burden easier and that career pathway more enticing?

07-29-2009, 04:05 PM
there was a thread here a while back (that i am too lazy to find for you) but it got pretty deep into this issue - it turns out the AMA was predicting a big doctor glut and wanted to limit the number of doctors being trained etc...

turns out they were wrong.

07-29-2009, 04:28 PM
IF memory seves, it was one of the Meagen Mcardle ones

07-29-2009, 04:33 PM
The American Medical Association effectively acts as a union for doctors. They have the ability to determine the number of medical schools and the number of doctors coming out of the schools. There actually use to be more medical schools in the US prior to some time in the 70s and the US was importing doctors from abroad, but the larger supply of doctors meant lower wages. The AMA at the time decided to have the importation of doctors limited and they closed a number of schools.

So there could be more doctors in the US, but doctors will fight it because it will likely lower their wages.

08-20-2009, 05:58 PM
Will we ever see or does IDW even have the rights to the non-Doctor-but-still-in-the-same-universe-so-to-speak back-up stories that were in the old Marvel UK DW comics one of these days?

08-20-2009, 06:42 PM