View Full Version : The War on Drugs

07-05-2009, 11:07 AM
I'd just like to point out that racial prejudice and hatred have done more to harm our country than even the most inept( BUSH) President we could elect.
As to the war on drugs....it's useless,needless,and a violation of human rights to decide for themselves what they wish to do.
We spend billions of dollars on this war and there has been and will be no success....just as prohibition of alcohol failed.
Legalizing marijauna has a many pronged advantage.
Marijuana can be used to make paper....thus easing the burden on forests.It can be used to make clothing....thus easing the burden of non biodegradable wastes that takes hundreds of years to break down in our landfills.You can make rope out of it.There are medicines that can be made from it.
Marijuana is not only a recreational drug...but it is a very real and less dangerous pain reliever.
I've had back problems and believe me....I've been on all kinds of medications (which I took myself off of) ....serious narcotics like morphine and oxycontin did not take my pain away,but left me nauseous and lethargic.
Marijuana effectively relieved my pain and I was able to function.
It is also reported that Matijuana dirivitaves like hemp oil can cure some cancers.
Marijuana is also a more efficient means of producing biofuels than corn is.
The uses for this plant are enormous....and if it were legalized it could be regulated and taxed which would go a long way in fighting our present economice crises.
Not only that but by legalizing it you take the criminal element and violence out of the equation.
And finally....the real reason marijuana was banned is because of racial predjudice and hatred.This stems from states on the Mexican border who wanted to eradicate Mexican immagrants from entering the USA.The claim was that these Mexican were bringing the weed into the US and causing people to get violent.
In fact it did no such thing.If anything it was alcohol abuse that brought out the violence in people.
It was simply that they felt if they could make marijuana illegal then the Mexicans would no bother coming here.
Pure and simple REDNECK LOGIC.