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06-22-2009, 08:48 PM
Dear America,

Your freedoms are being taken away, more and more each day and replaced with totalitarianism. Youíre being lied to in the media, nothing new. Promises have been broken, and I know youíve been through it all before. So you expect it. But, dear friends, itís never mattered more. When the government has no accountability to the people, that is tyranny. Where, I ask, is the transparency? And why are they so blatant, so obvious, so fitfully condescending? Because they think youíre stupid. They think youíre helpless, and those in power know that you doubt your worth. And they know you think youíre weak. They recognize your voice but refuse to hear. But this is all wrong. Shout louder! Get stronger! Weíll make it. Cry on the Lord for help. And defend yourself and those you love. Because, this is your country. Letís make sure it stays that way. Let us fight together. Youíre not alone. Donít be afraid to open your eyes to the horrible sights and to try to prepare. Itís not too late, and itís not useless. This is what belongs to you: itís an inheritance from our founders. But itís NOT an entitlement. If you want it, you have to strive for it. It is your duty and responsibility to protect it. Love it enough to take it back. Put things right. This is what comes with freedom.

There are always opponents to freedom and self-government, and yes, it is an exhausting, never-ending fight, but itís worth it. You can be worthy of governing yourself and overseeing your own life and individual sovereignty. You, the people, have the power to make it all happen or to dissolve and let your resolve crumble away. Do not stand anymore for this atrocity. Stand on your principles, America. Stand for something other than apathy, before the chance to even have principle gets ripped out of your hands. Pay attention and be alert. Forgetting the bad news the media brings because it hurts will not get you anywhere. It will not ensure your freedom. Think about the issues, think for yourself. Examine the nation and your very self. Does it feel right? You, remember, have a right to self-reliance, as well as the capability. Youíre an American. Donít put up with this, donít respond with mere compliance. Tell the corrupt politicians that they defaulted on your trust and faith. Refunds are demanded. Use your power to fire these non-representatives at the ballot box. Itís their job to do YOUR will, America, not theirs. So step up and demand that they do the job outlined for them in the Constitution. Shake them to the very foundation. Follow it up with this choice: represent we, the people, or hand in your resignation. If worst comes to worst, remember what freedom may cost: death. But the cause is worth it if we can save freedom for some. Patrick Henry said, ďGive me liberty, or give me death!Ē Let us hope it does not come down to this because we refused to stand up for ourselves.


Concerned Citizen

06-22-2009, 09:43 PM
Did you mean to post this seven or eight years ago ?

06-23-2009, 09:05 AM
Could you give some specific examples of what is wrong, and perhaps some specific actions to take? Documentation. Otherwise, this is rhetoric, adaptable to anyone's political leanings.