View Full Version : Nuclear Reactors - And overhyped dangers

06-17-2009, 10:21 PM
I came across this awhile ago and found it extremely informative. It is a lecture taken from Berkeley on nuclear weapons and reactors.

I have linked the portion relating to reactors


but the rest is interesting as well.

Takes awhile to get through, but it is NOT overly technical and easy to understand and follow along.

Pay close attention for those who bother to watch in the first place to the section talking about Chernobyl. It will completely disabuse you from being affected when that canard is brought up to object to nuclear power, its a non issue and you see why as he explains the difference in reactor designs.

Lesson, Nuclear power is nowhere near as dangerous as lefty enviros would have you believe, they do not have the science on their side.

If you have the time watch the entire thing, this is NOT dull stuff.