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Atlantic Magazine has a bhtv clip (http://business.theatlantic.com/2009/04/the_new_deal_and_conservative_businessmen.php) in a dedicated with no attribution, mention of copyright, or even a link back to bhtv.

I'm not aware of the particulars of Bob's bhtv deal with the NYT, but surely a link, the logo and a brief blurb whenever non-bhtv sites use bhtv content is in order.

The 'skin' offers clues, but Bob should insist on a link back to home base.

Clicking the big button marked "bloggingheads.tv" brings you to the home page of this site. Clicking the "Share" button shows the link to the particular diavlog. At the conclusion of the video clip, the screen (video box) is filled with a message that says "Continue this video on bloggingheads.tv." Those words are enclosed in ... wait for it ... yes, another button that is another link to this site.

These embeds have been around for some time now (here is an example from February of last year (http://bjkeefe.blogspot.com/2008/02/inside-joke.html)), and I am pretty sure Bob is happy to have them posted as widely as possible. They are, believe it or not, served by this site (or one of its affiliated servers: http://static.bloggingheads.tv/), so it's hard to believe Bob would not want them to be used in this fashion.

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Still updating your posts without noting the changes -- after they've been replied to -- I see.

Stay classy, kid!

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I've read the comment from the moderator.

Oh noes! Teh Moderator!!!1! Run!!!!oneeleven!!!

It's hilarious how you think your refusal to address me directly indicates anything other than how gutless you are.

As to the rest of your drivel, you haven't spent much time online, have you? Virtually every site that offers its video content for embedding does things the same way -- you click the video itself, or some obvious target area within the video, and you are taken to the site that provides the video. Everyone knows this except you, apparently. You should spend some time learning how things work around the blogosphere before you start concern-trolling and giving boneheaded advice.

Also, you use the word folks way too much. I'd tell you to stop, but you'd probably start howling about TEH MODERATORS ARE CENSORING ME!!!1!. Besides, you probably enjoy sounding like your hero, George W. Bush.

I've read the comment from the moderator. I'll reply only to points germane to my initial post.

First: the lack of identifying blurb is a missed opportunity to provide potential viewers/investors with a short intro to the site.

Second: there is a link to the site at the end of the clip. Only the folks who watch the entire clip get to see the link.

Third: Placing your cursor over different parts of an image and clicking to see whether each click reveals a portal to a different site has a very limited appeal. I select for size and simplicity. Once my cursor passes over the frame the hand appears and I move directly to the big white arrow that indicates play.

Very few folks, I suspect, are going to choose to click on the letters bhtv on the skin, rather than on the big white button indicating play. And if they don't stay captive until the final frame of the clip, they similarly miss the blurb.

Web folks design from the back to the front. Simply changing the 'bhtv' to 'visit bhtv' with a flashing button symbol will likely be enough to unveil the hidden portal. Right now, the link to home base is evident only to initiates or to those who want click on the bhtv letters.

Either way, the folks who are paying to promote individual diavlogs are seeing zero return on the format as it stands. No mention of bhtv, no blurb, no advertising.

Standard copyright, a blurb, and a link. Accept nothing less.

[Added] I see you've edited (without noting) your own post after reading the response, kid. Again! (We'll stand by while you edit once again to add the word "update" as you did with the first one.)

Well, at least you deleted one of the folkses, so I'll count it as a win for me.