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05-14-2009, 01:26 PM

Excerpt:In the end, preventing torture is a political struggle and also a power struggle, so much more than a matter of "The Law." Itís about changing society and its presumptions, and changing institutions, like the military and police agencies, where the culture is so prone to that kind of abuse. (Anybody that thinks a few hundred prisoners at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo were the only people recently tortured by officials in the USA is being willfully ignorant of the daily occurrences in police stations and prisons across the fruited plain, and I thus find their poutrage very selective.)

President Obama has a gargantuan task when it comes to the Armed Forces, and also intelligence agencies like the CIA, and police agencies (Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, IRS, etcetera) that have always, since their inceptions, acted above the law and insubordinately. The placing of a vehemently anti-torture civilian, Leon Panetta, at the helm of the CIA, and the executive orders to ban present and future tortures, are two examples of the very positive ways he is addressing such festering sores after other presidents, including Democrat Bill Clinton, turned a blind eye to them. (Again, anybody that believes that US officials didn't engage in torture prior to George W. Bush's presidency is also woefully ignorant.)

Highlighted nugget:Obama Breaks With Gates, Cancels Nuke Program. (http://blogs.tnr.com/tnr/blogs/the_plank/archive/2009/05/12/obama-breaks-with-gates-cancels-nuke-program.aspx)

05-14-2009, 01:45 PM
Yeah, I'm not sure it's necessary either. The torture itself is the problem. Releasing photos isn't going to prevent it from happening again, and it's not going to help prosecute the people that deserve to be prosecuted. I think torture is worse than it looks. A photo of a guy deprived of sleep for a week isn't going to be as shocking as it should be.

Honestly I think a lot of crazies would get off on seeing more torture photos and I'd rather not give them the satisfaction.