View Full Version : Meditations on the abyss

02-25-2009, 06:06 PM
Yesterdays performance from Obama was pretty damn amazing. The followup from Jindal far more lackluster.

Anyway, if this is how things will be presented from here on out conservative dwellings in the wilderness will be even more prolonged.

I say this with some sadness, I am after all a quasi conservative on all but social issues. And I see my own world view staring not into a hopeful future in the near term, but into the abyss. I suppose I can take some solace on the social aspects of the Obama era at least. I do hope he gets rid of don't ask and don't tell and normalizes gays serving in the military. And perhaps Obama will make good on leaving Iraq in a healthy way, even if his heart is not in its success, after all, we should not be there in the first place.

But Obama had a great night, and this was actually the first speech he made that I thought was solid on its presentation/rhetoric ~ substance was misleading in some areas, but that is what makes him good, only the smart ones can pick that stuff out, or more accurately, people with far more knowledge on current political realities than most lay people are privy to (because they have lives, everyone cannot be a policy wonk). And my GOD, did anyone see how Nancy Pelosi was jumping up and down and giggling and smiling like a school girl throughout the speech !!!! Horror upon horror, if SHE is that giddy... The current bill will next bills will be fright fests, but at least she is happy right? (semi conservatives R U N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The only saving grace of this wilderness is that standing on the edge of precipice has a tendency to make one stronger, not weaker. For now though, its time to learn live with wading in the abyss of support for my world view and ideas.

Fighting from low ground, added weights, sprinting into a headwind, not an ideal position to be in, but crucibles are not all bad...