View Full Version : "Formal" debates on BH.tv for grander topics?

02-18-2009, 01:52 AM
I realize it isn't the traditional format for Bloggingheads, but I would like to see a more "formal" debate structure for a few select kinds of debate. (20 minute opening statements, 10 minute rebuttal, 5 minute closing statements, or whatever time lengths, maybe a time for cross-examination, etc.) This would be good for like a debate on the existence of God or other grand questions where an entire episode could be dedicated to one grand topic in a traditional debate format.

I would think once a month or once every other month or something wouldn't stress normal viewer's patience too much in this departure from the regular format, but it might be nice to have as a change every once in awhile. If they were too long for a regular episode, they could be broken into 2 episodes.

Just a thought..