View Full Version : Forum improvements: A couple of requests

09-11-2008, 12:45 AM
BHTV Technical Folks,

(1) Would it be possible for you to re-enable vBulletin's [indent] tag? This is an extremely critical and important tag that is used to indent quoted material. (Equivalent to the HTML <blockquote> tag.) I realize this was causing problems at the time of the initial roll out of the new forum software, but it appears that you have solved those problems and re-enabled the [QUOTE] tag which had been disabled at the same time you disabled [indent]. Now that you have solved the problems these tags created, is there any way you could bring back [indent]?

(2) Something else that was disabled after the initial rollout was embedding images. You have since solved that problem and restored that functionality.

Could you now go another step and enable embedding of video? Seems to make sense. BHTV is a video site. Dinaglinks, especially, are encouraged. It only seems logical that the forum should support direct inline embedded video, such as is seen in this post on another vBulletin forum:

Example of embedded video (http://www.spartantailgate.com/forums/wells-hall-off-topic-board/331101-mccan-using-lipstick-pig-describe-hillary.html)

Quite apart from these requests, let me again express my enormous gratitude to Bob and the amazing BHTV staff for all of their hard work. BHTV is a great thing and I'm sure I speak for many people when I thank you for everything.