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08-15-2008, 09:59 PM
On one hand, I'm pleased by the increase in foreign policy coverage. It might be merely coincidental, because of the Georgian conflict and the Olympics, but I'm generally happier than a clam in the deep sea. Thank you!

However, I am definitely not pleased with the the fact, that these diavlogs have featured the usual suspects doing their usual gigs, and not experts with something valid and special to say. Other venues, like the Online Newshour (which frequently outclasses bhTV for debates, and can often put three or four in the cockpit), routinely do a better job finding knowledgeable, articulate people. Perhaps, bhTV is not the prized venue it would want to be, or someone just is not doing their job at bhTV.

To make this clear, Daniel Drezner has no special expertise for China. As a side note, I must say Drezner has lost appeal for me generally as a pundit, but I still like his research. Other generalists, like Kagan or Fukuyama, can make general points, but area specialists like a Victor Cha can provide insider specifics and research credentials. Don't get me started on the Atlanticist bias, that favors Israel and Europe as "the" only foreign policy agenda. And, giving a Pinkerton or Scher duty on foreign policy, even discussing the domestic political angle, without first going to experts, is worthless for me and , frankly insulting.

Stop bothering me with talking point-regurgitating hacks, bhTV!

08-19-2008, 07:24 PM
Stop bothering me with talking point-regurgitating hacks, bhTV!

Gosh, to read your post, I'd never guess you watch voluntarily. I don't see what's wrong with expressing your preferences without insulting the people who do participate and devote their time and effort so we have something to watch.

Maybe you should apply to be one of the 'heads, given how refined your intelligence and rarefied your powers of analysis. It sounds like everyone here would benefit enormously from an hour a day, once a week listening to you. Why limit yourself to sounding ungrateful in the forum?

09-02-2008, 05:45 PM
There's no need to be snarky!

The number of smart, glib people who could benefit from exposure is legion. How many books are published every month? Instead, we get the CC's and AA's who have little but opportunism to drive them. It's only my daily call for expanding the pool of 'heads. There's just no need for repetition.

You can worship all you want. But, talent is a dime a dozen. Why should the hacks get all the glory!