View Full Version : UN Plaza: Investigating Investigations

01-20-2008, 11:00 AM

Abu Noor Al-Irlandee
01-20-2008, 02:00 PM
Matthew Lee is my favorite Blogging Head. Thanks for having him on.

01-20-2008, 05:54 PM
Yes Mathew Lee is good but in this Diavlog Mark Leon Goldberg constant interruptions in this one seemed to lead off into tangents making it hard to follow without having to pay too close attention. But I hope both continue as I enjoy the Diavlogs these two have.

01-20-2008, 08:14 PM

I must say that during this diavlog I was thinking of past criticisms of Mark on the interruption score. I think you're right -- he does do it too much, but he's not the only one. It's kind of fascinating to me that these guys haven't caught each other's conversational rhythms yet.

Nonetheless, their awkwardness aside, I also enjoy their conversations. I thought Matthew was particularly good this time -- it was nice to hear him opining more clearly.

01-20-2008, 08:44 PM
Yes, thanks for having Matt on regularly. Also agree that both gentlemen would be easier to follow if they completed their sentences.

This diavlog raises some very good issues which need to be expanded, especially the issue of UN representatives/agents/employees being salaried or supported from multiple sources. I get the impression that objectivity may to too lofty of a goal to expect from the administration of the UN and the multitude of minions associated with it.

Also, I am beginning to appreciate more the Russian position on Kosovo. If the UN is allowed to actively pursue the de-convolution of nation states then where will it stop?

01-24-2008, 03:34 PM
ummm... did Goldberg just refer to Kemal Derviş (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemal_Dervi%C5%9F) as "Kemal Davis" (http://bloggingheads.tv/diavlogs/8202?in=01:08:06)??