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  1. Erdogan: The Turkish Reagan?
  2. Obama: Best Defense Hawk Ever?
  3. Perry and SB 1070
  4. funny German pessimism
  5. Fast and the Furious
  6. News
  7. Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
  8. Scalia says War on Drugs is a failure.
  9. Floridian Tea Partiers Take Action to Protect Our Precious Bodily Fluids
  10. Amnesty International Appeals to Canada to Arrest G.W. Bush
  11. Occupy Wall St. - Right to be Unhappy, Wrong about Everything Else
  12. Israel releases 477 murderers
  13. Welcome, voice of sanity
  14. The Wadsworth Constant
  15. Awful
  16. New TV show - The Regulars
  17. Hatch & Leahy Unite Against Groper-In-Chief Pistole
  18. Steve Jobs to Obama: You're a One-Term President
  19. Afghanistan - photos chosen by those that took them.
  20. World War II as it happened - in tweet form.
  21. Koch-Funded Climate Skeptic Validates Warming Data (ROFL)
  22. The Final Exchange Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
  23. Someone translate please!
  24. Occupy Phoenix: The vanguard of Revolution
  25. A Tribute to bh.tv
  26. Occupy Palestine: Obama vs. UNESCO
  27. Today in scientific fraud
  28. Rethinking T-Paw
  29. Guide us through this, Toure!
  30. Religion of peacers torch French magazine's offices
  31. Huffington Post ignoramus attacks Charlie Hebdo
  32. New low for Facebook: shuts down Charlie Hebdo
  33. LOL. Republicans.
  34. Favorite rebukes
  35. Cain Accuser Breaks Silence
  36. A round up of Occupy related irresponsibility, violence and crminality.
  37. Zizek on Al Jazeera on Asian Capitalism
  38. Obama makes bizarre statement
  39. Romney: lies on top of lies
  40. The Boring Truth of 99 vs. 1
  41. Europe
  42. Toure guides us some more
  43. One of the benefits of being a liberal...
  44. Jon Stewart on Jon Corzine
  45. Like clockwork
  46. I am the none percent!
  47. Wonderful footage from Afghanistan
  48. me like Franco-Belgian comics
  49. new definition
  50. Fox Anti-News
  51. Profile in courage: Oregon governor John Kitzhaber
  52. A change of topic...
  53. The Blessings of Progressivism
  54. liberal rudeness
  55. Islamists get 65% in Egypt
  56. OWS inspires new artwork
  57. Muslims murder teenage mother: "I'm gonna send that kaffir b**** straight to hell"
  58. They hate us for our freedom.
  59. Martial law?
  60. Democrats were fools to take the Gang of 14 deal. Surprise!
  61. Ok I just now realized that republicans don't just dislike Romney, they HATE him
  62. Perry Seeking Ahmadinejad's Endorsement
  63. “We are outraged that this administration has let politics trump science"
  64. The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Paul
  65. What was that you said about low taxes on the wealthy spurring investment?
  67. Whitewashing The Civil War
  68. Bye, Bye, Britain?
  69. Better late than never? Rick Perry posthumously pardons dead prisoner
  70. Liberalism's problem in one graph
  71. All-Belgian Muslim Kills 5, Wounds 122
  72. Black day for Europe
  73. Chomsky on being pro-Israel
  74. Your Person of the Year ?
  75. Holy Crap! Andrew Sullivan endorses Ron Paul
  76. Correlation or Causation?
  77. early childhood and inequality
  78. TNC and Muscular Empathy
  79. RIP Christopher Hitchens
  80. Hitchens on "Islamophobia"
  81. Errors in the Encyclopaedia Britannica corrected by Wikipedia
  82. A slice of US history
  83. SOPA - Stop piracy online act
  84. Kim Jong-il dies
  85. A very silly "presidential matchmaking quiz"..
  86. Samuelson questions Keynes
  87. Holder pursued by racists
  88. Chris Matthews
  89. Your top 10 news stories for 2011
  90. To love, to hate or to fear...
  91. Hitchens exposing the bizarre celebration known as "Hanukkah"
  92. NC: All-American Muslim Brothers Sentenced in Terror Trial
  93. In The Navy!!!
  94. A plea from Thomas Jefferson
  95. hey, it's only money!
  96. The End of Dollar Hegemony
  97. New Year's Resolutions
  98. Merry Christmas: All-American Muslim Santa Kills Family
  99. Matt Yglesias: Creating Jobs by Cutting Wages
  100. Charlie Brooker's 2011 review.
  101. Predictions for 2012?
  102. What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2012?
  103. Murdoch joins twitter
  104. Iowa!
  105. Precognition!
  106. Question for Republicans re: Iowa Exit Polls
  107. NGDP Targeting at the Fed (liberals don't even know that they should be happy)
  108. Jan 6th - TWiB Bill Scher and Matt Lewis
  109. What's wrong with Facebook and Twitter (Michael Albert & Hamish Campbell)
  110. What I will miss about vBulletin...
  111. An apparition is stalking America
  112. I know Chris Christie makes liberals heads explode but...
  113. What should we disqus here?
  114. Fun nick-names for the new-old forum
  115. Ridiculous
  116. Mitt Romney Hit Piece
  117. Missing link, lifeline, extinction, etc.
  118. SOPA, Keystone XL and NDAA
  119. Captain channels Baghdad Bob
  120. Genes holding men back
  121. For Beta Testing: Chrome Extension Highlights New Comments in Disqus
  122. NYT: How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
  123. Beta Extension: Show Comment Counts
  124. Great show, Elizabeth Warren V Brown, the shift to digital in publishing, and the Lie of keystone
  125. Really interesting messaging data from a dating site
  126. Desolated Island
  127. What Would Jaundermeant Do?
  128. Thank heaven for 7/11
  129. Another Victim?
  130. The Ugly American?
  131. The other apology
  132. another one bites the dust