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  1. The Anti Ehrenreich
  2. Frank Rich deserves Pulitzer
  3. Is anyone bothered by taxes on stupidity?
  4. Need some information about Nigeria. Delta / Rivers State specifically.
  5. This just really sucks. (Haite earthquake)
  6. Which side is more afflicted with zero sum game thinking?
  7. Words fail me...America has become silly
  8. The Jaw-Jaw Coffeehouse
  9. Cancel Haiti's Debt: How you can help
  10. MA Senate race
  11. France & Venezuela Accuse Obama Of Occupying Haiti
  12. General interest perspective on the leno/conan/nbc disaster
  13. 59! 59! 59!
  14. Lyle Muslims Islam Death Murder War
  15. Star Trek replicators getting closer
  16. Pro-torture Senator in MA: How you can help
  17. Goodbye what little semblance we had to democracy
  18. Sam Harris, Karen Armstrong, and God
  19. Good interview with Freeman
  20. Movement of the people
  21. great TNR editorial
  22. Judicial Activision
  23. anyone hear about the vote in Oregon?
  24. RIP Howard Zinn
  25. Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference
  26. Shopping at Target (or WalMart?)
  27. Interview with the Antichrist (liberals translation of John Yoo)
  28. Even Fox says WTF... sometimes
  29. Republican (and Libertarian) Dreamland
  30. Tonight we get more answers
  31. 28th Amendment to the US Constitution
  32. Low Hanging Fruit
  33. Buying elections v. buying prison sentences. Kennedy gets one right
  34. Am I the only one who does not want to see Murray Jailed for his role in Jacksons death?
  35. Hitchens Shoots Fish In Barrel!
  36. Hows that IPCC Working for you?
  37. Moonbats 2010.
  38. So, Iran gets the bomb, and then?
  39. Argument for emotional decision making?
  40. Religion, adaptation etc.
  41. Sorry Mom
  42. Companion animal postings
  43. Be active with the activists
  44. Jim Webb, gifted author?
  45. Happy Valentine's Day!
  46. Hope for HCR?
  47. Does This Count As Government Corruption?
  48. A Columbia Protests Mystery Solved
  49. @People who drive slow, see someone in an adjacent lane almost as slow as they are, and match speed
  50. Bybee and Yoo skate under Obama Justice Dept
  51. Poli-Sci-Fi Radio's 100th Episode — This Sunday (2/21)
  52. "Say It Again Pinky - Beat His White Ass"
  53. Palin Watch
  54. Bloom Box
  55. Everybody Hates Andrew Sullivan
  56. Who loves Recon??
  57. The authentic argument for universal healthcare coverage
  58. Obama Debates Brick Wall
  59. Congrats to the Canadian Women!
  60. Hope for the GOP?!!
  61. If you live near the ocean...
  62. Is Europe ever going to leave American(Any) companies alone?
  63. Good Christians... Throw Stones at Bad Christians
  64. A Post Without Purpose
  65. Is Depression a manufactured diagnosis? Calling Ocean!!!
  66. What you do matters
  67. Attention Lyle
  68. Global warming deaths.
  69. Kaus
  70. Dems... Maybe Rahm Should Be President
  71. Killy Ocean?
  72. Table for four
  73. This Too Shall Pass
  74. Does anyone here actually use Wolfram Alpha?
  75. Chris still insane
  76. Massa holds back on Rahm
  77. And thus politics makes fools of us all
  78. Thank you, 60 Dem. and 5 Repub. Profiles in Courage
  79. Adorable
  80. The Peak Fossil Fuel Thread.
  81. Imagine that!
  82. Ultra low power bioelectronics
  83. Snakes on a blog!!
  84. Video hopping led to Obama law school friend clip
  85. Diavloggers you dislike but agree with. Diavlogger you like but disagree with.
  86. More Complaints from Teabaggers?
  87. HCR and the right's reaction
  88. 216! 216! 216!
  89. In Praise of Centrists
  90. Talk Show Recommendation
  91. Sam Harris TED talk: The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values
  92. Republicans and Their Violent Rhetoric
  93. Obama making catastrophic political error
  94. Shine a little light!
  95. HCR = Good 4 CNN
  96. Stepping back from the fray for something light
  97. Debate: Education and the Economy
  98. All Quiet on the Filibuster Front
  99. Templeton Prize
  100. What exactly do people DO in a think tank?
  101. Was Rep. John Lewis Really Called a N-Word Last Week?
  102. Frum!
  103. The big show
  104. And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
  105. how desperate is hitchens for attention?
  106. Yankee Christian Militia Arrests
  107. Race 2 The Top
  108. Obama To Drill For Oil Off Coast
  109. Civil rights win against Bush and Obama. Bravo!
  110. Gay Animals
  111. White Militia Member... a Democrat
  112. The Power of the Mind?
  113. And Jesus said,
  114. Is anger a sign of righteousness?
  115. Anyone picking up the jesus tablet today?
  116. Any hope for more of the middle east following this model?
  117. Passover story: Matzah
  118. Hi-Tech Society: Race to the Bottom?
  119. 43rd Anniversary of Dr. King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech
  120. Catholic Church Cracking Down
  121. Prepare to roll your eyes
  122. This is a big "f-ing" deal.
  123. New rules of war
  124. Industrial Revolution: The Tipping point?
  125. Things that belong in "The Onion"
  126. Mickeys robot overlords being built by Germans?
  127. Work Productivity on a Friday...
  128. Who will be the next SCOTUS justice?
  129. The Lunatics' Thread
  130. Upside to Free?
  131. Objectivity is Our Shared Subjectivity
  132. Life
  133. Is Obama's Nuclear Posturing part of Progressive "Realism"?
  134. Net neutrality takes a hit
  135. Human Cognition is an Embodied Activity
  136. "Females"
  137. Climate Change, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and other Catastrophes
  138. Poser
  139. Daryl Gates, Man of honor or villain?
  140. Anyone see the movie Kick @#$ ?
  141. Would IT have happened had Greenspan studied SGCS?
  142. stanley crouch
  143. This Is Your Brain On Sports
  144. Unions Bankrupting America?
  145. Worst Sandwich Ever??
  146. Breaking Types
  147. Twitter V 4.0
  148. "Not a threat"
  149. Worst atrocity of the decade?
  150. It's Gotta Be The Shoes
  151. Continuity Part Umpteen: Immigration Policy
  152. Greatest Show
  153. Continuity Watch
  154. The Story of Mr. Brain and Mrs. Mind
  155. Humanity in Primates?
  156. Does an Intellectual Life Endanger Peace of Mind?
  157. Freedom? Yeah Right.
  158. omfg
  159. Clear Science
  160. Twitter //e
  161. Bullshit masquerading as successes
  162. What is the meaning of ‘meaning’?
  163. Pilloried!!
  164. Freedom of Humor
  165. Dialogue/Cooperation as Debate/Conflict
  166. Other podcasts
  167. Understanding Progressive "Liberal" utilitarian happiness maximization
  168. Discontinuity watch
  169. The California Ballot
  170. Art and Wit are Subversive of Civilization; in a ‘Playful Way’
  171. AZ
  172. Specialize or Go Extinct
  173. Why Pakistan produces jihadists
  174. Graphs!!
  175. Twinkies & Chips—Sound Bites & Bumper Stickers
  176. The Lambchop Rule
  177. Cognitive Bias song
  178. Anyone from Greece? What is going on over there?
  179. Saturday afternoon entertainment section
  180. smackdown: mcwhorter v. treme
  181. NYT Book Review Archive
  182. Which sections of industry/government contribute the most to the economy?
  183. Allen Ginsburg
  184. Underclass
  185. Understanding Progressive "Liberal" utilitarian concept(s) of "happiness" and "well-being"?
  186. Anti-globalization Movement
  187. Pet Peeves of the Stars
  188. Oh, forget that whole "I served in Vietnam" bit
  189. Transparency
  190. Muslim Ballyhoo
  191. Synthetic life?
  192. Spill Baby, Spill
  193. God is not one
  194. Crude Poetic Justice?
  195. MA
  196. Speak Up!!
  197. U.S. World Cup predictions: Round 1
  198. Oh, where did that alternate universe go?
  199. I need some cylendrical clear tube for a science fair project. Any suggestions?
  200. "Peace Activists" Attack Israeli Soldiers
  201. Wingnuts 2010, Part 2
  202. Accident-proof sawblade
  203. Obama Influence Peddling
  204. Biill Maher thought experiment
  205. Evolution has not prepared us for this
  206. These flash ads are getting so much more creative
  207. More Science Blogs
  208. Congratulations, Nate! (The Tentacles of JournoList Grow Ever More Powerful)
  209. Ground Zero Islamic center
  210. The "Rachel Corrie"
  211. New Ayaan interview over ideas in her new book
  212. IDF, Auschwitz and 9/11
  213. Socrates says “know thyself”: I say which self?
  214. Bravo: 6000 demonstrate in Tel Aviv against killings
  215. "You will have no protection", by Alice Walker
  216. Jim Crow Pharoahs
  217. Normally I find such ends sad
  218. Thanks Bernard
  219. Psychoanalysis is Quantum Mechanics
  220. Socialist Alert!!1!
  221. When will constancebro speak?
  222. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
  223. Dr. Laura: "Homosexuality is an abomination"
  224. Science Saturday at Dodger Stadium
  225. Beinart on Rose
  226. Greatest political performances?
  227. Individuality: Creation versus Adaptation
  228. South Carolina Democrats
  229. Non-Scientists Needed!!
  230. Flag: Making the Abstract Concrete
  231. Bill Gates Locutus replaced?
  232. Ajami on iraq/afghanistan/iran/islam
  233. The Israeli Whitewash: Will the USA sign on?
  234. Afghan Lithium deposit discovery estimated @1 TRILLION $$$
  235. Divorce contagious?
  236. The Wrath of God
  237. Call now: (202) 224-3121 (also see http://caws.us)
  238. The Oil Spill is Only a Symptom
  239. Do you have TIAA-CREF?
  240. Ceding America to Mexican Criminals.
  241. Obama... Get Out of Jindal's Way
  242. Does Natural Science Encourage a Narrow Mind?
  243. Happy Father's Day!
  244. Natural Science “don allow no meaning in here”!
  245. Victory for peace activists vs. collective punishment in Gaza
  246. Bernard Lewis talk
  247. A Study of History
  248. Shahzad speaks
  249. How can I learn my optional illusions?
  250. Adios McCrystal