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  1. Commander Barack Obama (R. - Ft. Stewart)
  2. Native Americans/African scientific contributions pre 1700?
  3. What comes first, the reasons or the beliefs
  4. Just admit it Dem's you just want to import 20 mill. democrats via amnesty
  5. Let's play a game
  6. The National Review is an embarassment
  8. Behold, Internet
  9. My Early Critique of Evolution of God
  10. Should the unvaccinated (by choice) be shunned from society?
  11. The Price of Oil (Let's nuke ourselves)
  12. We've sent our smartest people to Israel!
  13. Them Jews
  14. @ Willow Music
  15. David Letterman
  16. It's official, I'm voting Obama in '12
  17. How Legit are the Iranian vote totals so far?
  18. Pro Death Argument
  19. Conservative Caricatures
  20. Fun Science Thread! (only fun science! no depressing stories!)
  21. Bill Maher takes on Obama
  22. What will happen if we do nothing about global warming
  23. The more you know...
  24. Nuclear Reactors - And overhyped dangers
  25. Boxer chastises General for saying "Maam"
  26. Recaptcha
  27. Michelle Bachmann: Insane
  28. President Obama is more impressive than I gave him credit for
  29. Prius least green car?
  30. Real American's speak English
  31. U.S. advances to Semis of Confederations Cup
  32. And the greatest ship of all time is?
  33. United States 2, Spain 0
  34. The hesitancy heard around the world..
  35. if sotomayor's a moderate, who's a liberal judge?
  36. Just how good he was
  37. Althouse might win her bet
  38. Jesus, card-carrying member of the NRA
  39. So what bands/genres do you like?
  40. Dumbest cuntry ever?
  41. How Well Do You Know Firedoglake?
  42. "Why Can't Scientists Believe in God"
  43. Bad News: we live in the dumbest country ever.
  44. Latest Moyo Update: Best Interview Yet
  45. Does the Honduran coup map onto a US partisan split?
  46. The Great Firewall
  47. I want to see a neanderthal brought back to life
  48. Palin to resign this month
  49. I like this dean
  50. The War on Drugs
  51. Politicomap
  52. A Pogrom in Xinjiang - Where Is The Outrage?
  53. Liberation of Iraq Reverberates in Iran
  54. Dinesh on stuff
  55. Best voice acting of all time
  56. Civil War, Moral Realist Style
  57. Young Republicans chart new course for "Party of Lincoln"
  58. Secular Ethics: A Better Case
  59. Gotta give it to the french
  60. Oh, that's funny, because I happen to have Mr. McLuhan right here
  61. California Energy
  62. World's Climate Screwed, Obama Not The Savior
  63. And the smartest animals are?
  64. American Conservative Union/Heritage are piece of shit shills just like we already knew
  65. We may be able to communicate with dolphins
  66. OK, so maybe working in China isn't so bad
  67. can someone please kill everyone at goldman sachs?
  68. all executives must d-......fail to live!
  69. Right wingers are on my list as well
  70. stealth members?
  71. The Philosophical Lexicon
  72. Paying for sex
  75. Because I am kind
  76. Downloading YouTube Videos
  77. Bill Moyers on the Health Care Debate
  78. Good News, hopefully
  79. Joe Biden--Statesman Extraordinaire
  80. Doctor Shortage?
  81. Fareed vs Sock Puppet
  82. Global warming conclusively proven!! L@@K
  83. 58% of Republicans are Birthers
  84. John Horgan on C-Realm on War
  85. Message To Wingnuts
  87. The Best Show on WFMU
  88. Atheist Apocalypse
  89. Highest hippie concentration I've seen in a long time
  90. Math tutorials
  91. Say Goodbye to Donuts!!
  92. Attractive Faces
  93. Iceland Banking corruption
  94. Truthers were/are nuttier than birthers
  95. Why there should be exceptions to principles
  96. What is right vs what is legal, which holds greater sway with you?
  97. Canada... Our Healthcare System Is Not Sustainable
  98. Whole-Foods Boycott
  99. Magazines will not die on the vine
  100. Is the Prez's chief responsibility "Security" ?
  101. Guess what? Paulson lied!
  102. RIP
  103. Dems want Amnesty cause they want votes
  104. Barney Frank is the Freakin' MAN!
  105. Investment advice
  106. "The Republican Party Is Turning Into A Cult"
  107. Daily Show vs. Death Panels
  108. @ Nerds
  109. The obvious comes out
  110. Of Crime and Punishment
  111. Fantastically useful tool for youtube users
  112. Old School
  113. Disaster
  114. More than mutation and natural selection (but not creationism)
  115. The kind of environmental threat that is more devastating
  116. BMW getting into the green car mix
  117. What is your religious/spiritual/atheistic background?
  118. 2010 Midterm Congressional Elections
  119. Megan McCardle, "pwned"
  120. Van Jones
  121. Reasonists
  122. Caught "Red" Handed
  123. one radio poser talks negatively of a tv poser
  124. LOL @ andrew sullivan
  125. These things always awe me
  126. who wants to debate immgration or affirmtive action?
  127. Maureen Dowd says what needs to be said
  128. I hope Carl comes back...
  129. Tire Tariffs
  130. The KKK Will Ride Through The Countryside
  131. UK's medical comparative-effectiveness studies
  132. The Atlantic 50
  133. Another person against Palin?
  134. New Jersey Republicans Believe Obama is the Antichrist
  135. @ Society causes bad behavior liberals
  136. Obama the Impotent? Or America the Rogue Nation?
  137. Ominous words from Jackie Shire
  138. More "options" developing for Iran
  139. Obama Spoke to General McChrystal Once in 70 Days
  140. Did Obama Fail As a Community Organizer in Chicago?
  141. WaPo seeks new 'pundit'
  142. Empire State Building Celebrates 60 Years of Authoritarian China
  143. Will Bam's foray to Copenhagen prove fruitful?
  144. Video of Gilad Shalit with English translation
  145. Why do the Republicans hate America?
  146. Is that an eye twitch from David Frum?
  147. What happens to dying cities?
  148. Friedman on Donahue
  149. Friedman Sowell on Equality
  150. Nobel Prize!
  151. Moon Blast Bust!
  152. Unelected Judge Unhappy With Democracy
  153. Canadians Debate Free Speech Law
  154. The Hoo-Ha Over Ross Douthat
  155. Death Penalty Update
  156. A fraud at most every turn.
  157. Interesting chart about billionaires
  158. Bloggingheads Bias
  159. A test: Who do you sympathize with more, white shirt or yellow shit / phone guy
  160. Don't put your kids first?
  161. Looks like Solar is coming along well
  162. Like seeing a priest asked to compliment satan
  163. Extremely interesting take on "Balloon Boy" et. al.
  164. Some conservatives talking about health care
  165. @Parents who leash their kids
  166. Pop Militarism Quiz: Guess which POTUS said this???
  167. Another Tesla Model S clip
  168. Designer Babies? Getting Closer?
  169. Free Online Access to Sage Journals (this is not spam)
  170. Hillary's Impressive Trip to Pakistan
  171. Ghosts of the Past or Harbingers of the Future?
  172. Please visit my blog
  173. Design your own Afghanistan policy!
  174. A short whitepaper concerning relative harm for different drugs.
  175. Anyone think Carly actually has a shot at beating Boxer?
  176. Re: UN Plaza: Extra Crispy Edition (Matthew Lee & Jacqueline Shire)
  177. Muslims Murder U.S. Soldiers Again
  178. Go Nancy, Go!
  179. Belated RIP for the greatest humanitarian of all time
  180. Categories
  181. The Vatican and extraterrestrial life
  182. Yes, now that you mention it ...
  183. So ... how long until Lou Dobbs gets a job at Fox?
  184. The Green Fairy
  185. China: Dalai Lama = Jefferson Davis
  186. Has Obama peaked?
  187. Obama FAIL watch
  188. This guy is pretty good
  189. Unfortunate Pope Image
  190. The Sarah Palin Book Tour Thread
  191. Why is American History So Murderous?
  192. Edward Current Spoofs Creationism
  193. Healthcare Bill Proves...
  194. So what do you DO when listening to davlogs?
  195. The prettiest thing, you ever did see
  196. Shameless
  197. The most awesome charity video you’ll ever see
  198. Arabs Talking
  199. Leftists destroying the American Dream
  200. Do you give change to homeless people?
  201. Question about Iraqi takes on the US invasion
  202. Whatfur:A fraud at most every turn.
  203. Taking the Orr out of the water.
  204. Taking the Orr out of the water...Climategate
  205. The Horrors of Superstition
  206. Pakistan Doesn't Have a Looking Glass
  207. Wright and the Top 100 Global Thinkers List
  208. PZ Myers Gives Wright the Bird!
  209. Is Huck Toast?
  210. Of groups/conformity/authority
  211. Mark Schmitt "Changing the Tone"
  212. Great interview with Lee Kuan Yew
  213. Protest the surge tomorrow
  214. Neverending Wingnut Whining
  215. Chinese question Obama
  216. Conservatism on the rise
  217. Bringing Sport/Fun back to Aviation?
  218. So what happened to Ethanol?
  219. Big Afghanistan strategy article in the NYT
  220. Flame war, continued
  221. Obama's Nobel Speech
  222. Shots at the LA Auto Show
  223. BHtv Spambusters New Ability
  224. Most impressive rhetoric you have encountered?
  225. Headlines today
  226. Tony Blair: I Would Have Invaded Iraq Anyway
  227. The Oral Roberts Death Watch is finally over
  228. Muslim Civil War?
  229. Cap and Trade vs Carbon Tax
  230. Holiday Greetings!
  231. Anyone know the name of the music in this clip
  232. Green Misanthropy
  233. Where is my good friend?
  234. Muslim British Student Held Over Alleged Airline Bomb Attempt
  235. Iranian Revolution Against Oligarchs Continues
  236. This can't be good
  237. Canada Gets Weird, pt 2
  238. Quick question about the US Constitution.
  239. Muslim Tries To Kill Danish Cartoonist
  240. We don't have to worry about 2012...
  241. Oil free transportation talk
  242. Greens vs Solar
  243. First impressive e-reader I have seen
  244. The image that will put the death knell into Tigers former image?
  245. Thank you for the reminder, John...
  246. Wingnuts 2010
  247. First Year Failure!!
  248. 'Islam Needs a Sexual Revolution'
  249. NY Review of Books Reviews Robert Wright
  250. Movies, Music, Culture etc of the decade